Amie Wiley's top five places to eat in Ennis

20 July, 2021

Ennis native Amie Wiley, who is no stranger to the online fitness world, shares her top five favourite places to eat in her home town

If you’re a massive foodie like myself, then these places will have you sold at first glance! Here are my top five favourite places to eat in Ennis.

Sweet N Green Cafe Ennis - If you’re looking for a hearty and healthy lunch, then Sweet N Green is the one for you. Frank and Siobhan have done an amazing job bringing wholesome, healthy eats to the Ennis food scene and it's to die for. A personal fave of mine is the Yoga Bowl and Green Machine Smoothie. The food quality is next level - you will not be disappointed!

Sweet N Green
Sweet N Green

Poet’s Corner Bar - If a cosy bar scene is your vibe, then Poet’s Corner at The Old Ground Hotel is exactly what the doctor ordered. With a wide variety on the menu and at such an affordable price, you’d be crazy to miss out on this one.

Poets Corner
Poet's Corner Bar

Mondo -  In my opinion, Mondo makes the best coffee in Ennis but, on top of that, their lunch menu is also phenomenal. The presentation is a constant 10/10 and it tastes super good too.

Knox's Bar - Not only is it one of my favourite nighttime bars to go to but, at dinner time, it's quite the spot too. I don’t think there’s another dinnertime bar that gives out such a nice, upbeat ambiance.

Knoxs pub and resturant
Knox's Bar

Brogan's - Similar feel to Knox’s Bar but Brogan's has a bit more of a restauranty feel to it. Great place with a wide variety of food to choose from.

Brogans outdoor dining
Brogan's Bar