Art Ways of Ennis | Mural Project Open Call

06 April, 2022
Everybody Loves Ennis - Mural Project Open Call
Art Ways of Ennis - Mural Project 2022



Experience Ennis seeks to encourage visitors and residents of Ennis to explore the labyrinth of narrow laneways and bow-ways, threaded together throughout our fascinating medieval town.  The vision of Art Ways of Ennis is a curated trail of murals throughout the town. The project builds on Clare County Council’s long-standing support and development of street art in Ennis. 

We want not only to enhance these historical sites aesthetically but also to create an immersive, engaging experience. Artists are invited to propose site-specific murals that engage with County Clare. The theme beyond that is broad in scope.  Artworks can express contemporary social or political themes, themes of heritage and history, art and culture, people and society. 

We encourage a diverse range of styles from professional artists and third level art students of all backgrounds. This is an opportunity for artists to be part of an exciting innovative street art project that will be enjoyed by locals, visitors and international tourists for years to come.

In phase II of Art Ways of Ennis, Experience Ennis will partner with a technology company to incorporate Virtual Reality into the trail. Visitors will be able to step into an animated mural and explore. Audio tours will also connect various mural sites using QR codes. Though mural proposals will be assessed as stand-alone commissions, we also encourage artists to consider how their artworks could be adapted to a virtual reality experience as the project expands.


IIn this first open call, artists have the choice of two Bow Ways in the town, images of which are below. (Bow-way is actually a uniquely Ennis word, meaning a laneway with a barrel-shaped covering.)


Brady's Lane | 300cm long x 216cm high x 188cm wide


Abbey St. Laneway | 822cm long x 360cm high x 270cm wide


  • This opportunity is open to all professional artists and third level art students from a range of backgrounds: fine art, community art, and street art.
  • Irish, as well as International artists, are encouraged to apply.
  • The artist may submit proposals for one or both locations
  • The artist must make use of both walls and ceiling of the bow way - (these can include blocks of colour)
  • The artist is not confined to a specific theme but must in some way engage with County Clare.  Artworks can express contemporary social or political themes, themes of heritage and history, art and culture, people and society. 
  • We invite a range of styles and diverse subject matter. 
  • The murals are intended to be of relevance to the local community and of interest to visitors to the town.


  • The murals will be sensitive to the location and designed specifically for the site
  • The artwork should add vibrancy to the site.
  • The artist must use good quality durable materials appropriate for street art and able to withstand the weather.  When quality materials are used the lifespan of a mural should be approximately 7 years.
  • The murals will be maintained for a period of 7 years.  At that time artists will be consulted in relation to the future of the project. 

If extensive vandalism occurs more than three times, we reserve the right to paint over the mural. In this event, the artist will be contacted in advance.


The first step is to submit an expression of interest through THIS LINK. Preselected artists will then be invited to submit a proposal for their chosen site(s).


  • The artist fee for the mural in the Abbey St. Bow Way is €4000 to include all materials
  • The artist fee for Brady’s Lane mural is €3000 to include all materials
  • Artists must provide their own insurance
  • A Marketing and communications plan will support this project.  Artists will be required to work with Experience Ennis to facilitate the creation of video or photography to support the project


  • The artist’s body of work must reflect artistic excellence, innovation, and originality.
  • The artist is able to clearly articulate strong conceptual priorities and artistic approach or concept.
  • The artist’s proposal must demonstrate aesthetic impact on the space
  • The themes of selected murals will resonate with the people of Clare and visitors two the town

Jury Selection Panel: A Selection Panel will evaluate the proposals. Represented on the panel will be high profile arts professionals, local business people, and the board of Experience Ennis:

Conor Mc Grady - Head of the Burren School of Art;

Allen Flynn - Experience Ennis Committee Member; 

John Foster - Project Lead for the City Centre Mural Trail;

Yana Dimitrova - Artist from Groundswell Mural Organisation NYC;

Rosemarie Noone - Experience Ennis Project Lead and Owner of Claremorris Gallery.


  • May 27th: Expression of Interest to be completed - CLOSED!
  • June 1st: Shortlisted artists will be contacted and invited to submit a full proposal - CLOSED!

June 15th: Final deadline for shortlisted artists to submit a full proposal. - CLOSED!

June 20th: Selected artists will be contacted.

July/August 2022: Murals will be created. (we will accommodate the artist as much as possible, and the timeframe for the installation will be decided by the committee and the selected artists).


Any doubts, questions or others about this process, please, contact Experience Ennis through the emails: and

Good Luck!