From a foodie's perspective

19 July, 2021
Sweet N Green
Sweet N Green

The wonderful thing about Ennis is that it was always a market town. In days gone by, farmers, bakers and jam-makers would come here to sell their wonderful 'homegrown' and 'homemade' wares. This tradition is kept alive and honoured at the vibrant Ennis Farmers' Market every Friday in Roslevan. 

But we, as chefs, can now take those ingredients from our local artisan food producers and weave them into our menus and food offerings. Our town has a multitude of different cafés, bakeries and restaurants, all with their own unique style, from gastro pubs to fine dining to sourdough treats and funky little cafés and coffee shops. There is, quite literally, something for every taste.  

As a local chef, I couldn't be more proud to use produce from the following local producers:

St Tola Goat Cheese, Burren Smokehouse, Celtic Salad Leaves, Wild Irish Seaweeds, Wilde Irish Chocolates, The Burren Butcher, Molloy's and the most wonderful Burren Roasted Organic Anam Coffee (worth the visit to Clare alone), not forgetting the delicious jars of honey to die for. We're so lucky to have it all here – local, seasonal, fabulous.  

In the summer months, we see the true leaves and vegetables coming through – asparagus, kale, broccoli, delicious heritage carrots and tomatoes, gooseberries, raspberries, rhubarb from Gort. Go visit your local vegetable shop, it's life-changing.

So, from a foodie's perspective, I say visit Ennis 'The Market Gourmet Town', visit soon.

Frank, Sweet N Green Café