St. Tolas Goats Cheese

29 July, 2021
St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese

St. Tola Goat's Cheese Story: 

St Tola Goat Cheese is regarded as one of Ireland's finest artisan goods. Made by hand in Inagh, County Clare, just south of the Burren, since 1978. Meg and Derrick Gordon created high-quality cheeses and helped establish a gourmet cottage business in a remote area when they first started making them. They wish to retire in the late 1990s, so their neighbour Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith took over the company in 1999.

Siobhan and her hardworking team have brought substantial improvements to the family business over time. Siobhan has transformed the company from a local business to a globally recognized brand. Nevertheless, because of the artisanal quality of their cheese, it is still made by hand in small batches.

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