Ori Blessings: A contact performance by Thaís Muniz

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Ori Blessings: A contact performance by Thaís Muniz
Ori Blessings

The concept of Ori has implications for visual representation of human images. In Yoruba belief, Ori occupies the centre of sacredness, and the physical “Ori” (head) is a symbol of the “inner head” or “the inner person”, the “Ori-inu”.

This contact performance is an intimate exchange process in which Thaís proposes to adorn the head of the attendees, telling and listening to stories, as well sharing the understanding of the head as an important centre of vital energy control. The artist aims to expose the audience to a non-European aesthetic and knowledge, highlighting the massive influence of West Africa in Brazil, with its legacy and heritage blend on the community, connecting identities with textiles from the many links of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland.

Book a spot or walk up to Thaís at glór, and if you’d like to exchange a scarf or headwrap as part of the engagement, please bring one with you. Free of charge, booking recommended but not essential.

This performance is presented as part of Place after Pattern after Place, an exhibition with Thaís Muniz and Laura Vaughan. For information on the exhibition please see HERE

Photo credits: Shai Andrade

Thaís Muniz is an interdisciplinary artist and designer interested in Afro-diasporic connections, identity, belonging and migration. She works with unique fabrics acquired around the world that tell of identities and the histories of the communities they come from.

Ori Blessings: A contact performance by Thaís Muniz

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Free of charge and all welcome.